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International Exchange Company

Sunday, 21 January 1900

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0ur dynamic team of professionals will expand your global presence.

The Company


, one company, one team, one goal - your success
  • Bringing high quality products to customers around the world
  • Opening new markets for manufacturers every day
  • Sourcing and delivering products through a well established network of distribution and contacts worldwide.
  • Invigorating existing channels and clients, while exploring new markets
  • Establishing successful business partnerships while navigating the international business waters
  • Maintaining the highest ethical behavior in all our business dealings

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Inexco's team of professionals has over 60 years of combined experience in international business:
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Purchasing
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Distribution 
Our team can assist you in putting together a complete international sales package.  Let our knowledge and experience minimize your market risks.


, we tailor our team of professionals to fit your product, goals and objectives at a global level.

INEXCO, the key to your worldwide success

Services We Provide

  • Export market development
  • Extensive research for your product marketability and profitability 
  • Work closely with manufacturer to identify:

            - Goals and objectives in launching products in foreign markets  
            - Potential customers, sales channels and distribution methods
            - Principal cost and risk factors associated with target market agents,  

              brokers, distributors or partners to best fit client goals and objectives

  • Best shipping procedures (ocean / air / truck)
  • Implementation of market support at local and international levels
  • Total sales support through positive fair marketing practices
  • Assist manufacturers with product registration
  • Identify products to import and wholesale from Latin America

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